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Get Ready To Drive, Ride, Soak & Slide!

Diggerland USA is the only construction theme & water park in the US. Families can drive, ride & operate specially engineered real machines for a safe, clean & fun time. Head over to The Water Main to swim, slide & soak at our construction theme water park. Two parks, one amazing price! Our unique theme and water park resides in West Berlin, NJ, only 20 miles from Philadelphia, PA, and has over 40+ rides and attractions.

Diggerland XL offers adults the experience of driving REAL heavy machinery on our specialty course.

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Diggerland XL 3 Hr Experience - Package Details
$0.00 each additional participating adult

$429.00 This is a 3 hour experience and includes your selection of either one machine or up to three machines to operate. You will have the option to select from the loader, the bulldozer, or the excavator
If you wish to add on a car to crush, you'll have that option as well - just be sure to select the excavator.

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